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5 Months to go


Yes it really is only five more months until my trip to India starts. I found the picture above on a website a few days ago it Shows some of the textile crafts found around and in India. Last time I went we went to the Kantha region. We also went into the Tusar weaving area.

In January we will be visiting a block printing area. If you are able zoom into the picture to see some of the beautiful textiles. Great!


Journal update March 22nd 2016

Well my India/Ellie journal is progressing, if a tad slowly. However, like slow stitching which I love, all my projects progress slowly because I work on many things, flitting from one to another and back again. What I love is when some of them combine and the Eureka moment hits. I know where I am going. It takes time to evolve, like a good wine, we must be patient.

Like the tea dyed papers and baby wipes used when block printing, each individually beautiful and fascinating in their own right are now being combined in my poster journal

These colours seem to wok so well together even if I did not plan it that way – serendipity at its best.

Well I think that is all for today. More coming soon.




Yes I know what you are going to say – you’re crazy  

Why? I’m off to India again in 2017! I did so love my trip down memory lane, looking at all my photos taken in 2014. 

Yes ‘Have Elly’ will travel.

 Some small Ellie’s lent to me by a friend  
Front cover completed


Background WIP 


Stage 2

Now it is daylight I can see what I did yesterday. New signatures some conveniently painted from my large sketchbook started with Kim at a Wooler EG summer school.

Cover started following workshop with Jenniebellie.

Unfortunately my iPad is acting up I think I am overusing it.